Value changers - fair

I see what you mean - I’m saying that the offers are based on what the posted value of crates are - I traded a Lillian bow for 2santa roni - 2 mystery - and a grim set prior to the values coming out

I didn’t take a pic (I don’t think) because I didn’t think I needed to - I don’t think anyone was offering 600k per Santa roni crate

The same way I won’t trade a cardboard crate for 37.5 :slight_smile:

I appreciate the discussion and I’m sure there will be more

We see some trades not always in value requests when items 1st come out also i personally live in the ts and have expressed my experiences in trading in ts and whats being offered and such. Unfortunately those few that have there own trading styles disagree with our logic on values. And Unfortunately we cant please everyome but the majority rules. And those that are upset are upset that they are overwhelmimg over ruled by the majority. I hope that makes sense ? 1 persons or 2 persons styles and reasons dont trump thousands. Its called free trading. We can value lets say 2 corupt killers differently and what happens? Well the community happens they trade them for cheap therefore they become cheap. Regardless of the years and regardless of the rarity differences or tye cost to acquire differences.

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Would i give more for an april fools crate than the set value? YES. And why? Became i am a collector and would never open it.
One issue with some of these chats is those assuming we see things differently. But if you dont ask you wont know except assume. Or in some cases listen to those who claim they know what we do and what not.

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Ngl but this game is actually made for kids :rofl: they think that they do something in game by changing the value which can make them look cool :sunglasses: lol :joy::laughing: I see some kids crying about there so called discord server which is a trash for sure :+1:. Btw 3x killer game pass value is 400k and cost 750 gems and v cab value is 50k and cost 999 gems :clown_face::+1:. Everyone knows which one is overpaid here lol but no one is going to see them cause they are low value item :+1:


what are you blabbering about

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You’re listed as a value changer and ask folks what they are blabbering about?

Can I ask you what you are blabbering about?

He is merely pointing out a gem to stk value that doesn’t make sense - if you don’t agree that’s great but being rude about it is why the DS has so many issues

Be better as a game representative value changer

Before you claim you didn’t know what -blabbering was;

To talk foolishly, mindlessly or excessively -

Wanting a bunch of untradable knives or special titles - doesn’t equal to knowledge…

Remember that before you blabber on Chrissy!

his point makes no sense either? being like “oh this item has more value but costs less than an item that has less value” is dumb and makes absolutely no sense when you realise that people are giving less for said item because it’s less wanted (watch tower) than they are double jump which is more wanted due to its effect in game… the whole argument that items that cost more gems should have higher value isn’t right because by that logic, items like the sets and papa roni would have more value than a lot of limited items due to their higher gem price.

not to mention, he said it in quite a rude way too, i don’t see you pointing that out :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I know what it meant thanks, no need to pointlessly explain it :joy_cat:

Item values are based off what the community gives for said item not rarity
Here’s an example
Let’s say we base this item “X” 's value off of rarity and give it a value of 1m,ok
The community traded it for 25k,what do we do then?
Now we have an overpriced item based off of rarity rather than actual reflecting what the community gives for it, and now we aren’t accurate
I hope that clears it up

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