Value changers - fair

I’d like a fair system and currently I can’t be sure that the system is fair with its value changers

It’s a cliche that changes as it benefits themselves

Otherwise they don’t seem to know basics like (perplexia Rex) being 6k

Sorry it’s not an opportunity for you to pad your inventory - the rest of us see it


what does this even mean

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i’d say we do things pretty ‘fairly’ already. On the STKValues discord server, there is a channel made for people to submit value requests. Pretty much everything we do are based solely off these requests. If you’re upset about Purplexia Rex, maybe join STKValues and submit trade proofs of it getting overpays so we can adjust that. :grin:


We base changes off the community, it’s a community driven list, value requests being a main source of proof for albums and so on
The reason why an item such as purplexia rex, cherished heartblade, whatever else, doesn’t raise
Is because of a lack of requests and proofs, I’d be delighted to see some requests though from you


I’m not upset about perplexia Rex but it’s an example of what makes zero sense - as is prime.

Admittedly nobody trades it for 6/12k so why is it valued at that?

Clucky 24 same as clucky 22 (someone else’s post)

Putting it back on players to make value change requests means players have to actually trade for higher -

Why do I have to trade Rex in order to make VC aware that it’s worth more than 6k?

Why do I have to trade a void chest for VC to be aware they are worth more?

Someone is setting the initial values low and requiring players to change it? Idk who that is - but it’s clearly intentional imo

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Pretty sure it was you who told me NOBODY trades Rex for that in my post so why do you need to see my trades?

I imagine if I did show them it wouldn’t be sufficient and would be called a one-off right?

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Proof to know that a trade like that can actually happen


And I don’t recall saying anything like taht about purplexia rex, but if I’m mistaken please correct me


I don’t think you understand at all why we have the value request channel. The whole point of it is so we can see if items are getting overpays OR if they are getting lowballed. We aren’t forcing it on other players to make requests, you’re making it sound waaay worse than it actually is :face_with_raised_eyebrow: .

Also saying it’s intentional that the values are too low is just wrong when initial values for most items are a lot higher than they end up being because of the hype they have when they are first released.

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Sorry it wasn’t you - it was someone else who replied saying nobody would trade Rex for 6k

My point is that in order to provide proof I’m either trading Rex (which I won’t) or trading for Rex - nobody will trade Rex at its current value to i’d be blindly overpaying in order to prove this - ?

Rex is just an example

It could be frosty or crates etc - the initial values are set and imho aren’t even close to realistic

600k roni crate but 37k April fools? Mystery crate 12.5 but permanent brass crate 25k?

Make it make sense

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So your making assumptions saying we are trying to pad our inventory?
So if having every item in game how does that benefit that person?
If one item raises and another item drops them how is that inventory affected?

Also isnt it assumptions in the first place where everyone who assumes is wromg ?

Purpexlia doesn’t get value requests so explain how to make it more valuable?
And obviously its an item that benefits you if it raises.
And that means its not biased towards your own inventory correct?

If you want a voice on items being incorrect then you have a few choices.

  1. Value Request your trades.
  2. Encourage those to value request vs trying to point fingers.

This thread is your opinion and its absolutely 100% wrong.
You have no idea what it takes to determine values and the hard work that goes along with it.
You are pointing fingers and trying to say make it fair ( when in actuality its going to benefit you in this case to raise purplexia and are being biased towards an item that benefits you.) Making it unfair.

Value requests is what helps us see what items are being traded for.
Community voices.


Aprils fools crate what item in the crate is worth more than 37.5k?
Why would anyone pay more tham 37.5k for an item worth no more than 37.5k?
Make it make sense.
Thats an example.
Same with all crates.
The other crates have more items and lower chances of probability to get the item with a higher value. So where is the logic to make an initial value higher than the items value inside the crates.

They could trade for the higher valued item without the need of taking a super low chance of obtaining the highest valued item in the crate.
How is this not common sense ?

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It’s not biased toward my own inventory I can assure you of that -

It has an incorrect value therefore neither end of the trade works -

There are plenty of others just like it - limited killers at 12.5 etc - 2022 values at the same as 2024

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The Santa roni crates value is 600k - applying your logic where an unopened crate has no inherent value only what is inside the crate; why not make it 1.5m because there is a chance to get Frost?

There is no collection value to a 5% rare drop crate that lasted 24hours?

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If you think that our job is benefiting us in any way because of the changes we make, you’d be wrong. The changes we make to the list are mostly community driven and by no means is helping us out with our own inventories. At the end of the day, we make sure that the changes we make are the correct ones that are heavily demanded by the community itself.

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I don’t want to get involved in this argument lol, but isn’t chicken 100k? Therefore it makes sense to me to make April crate at least 50k bc of that and bc of collectible value


The crate being worth 600k is def accurate. 1% chance to get an item worth more than 600k makes its accurate. That carte has not shown amy value requests for either raising or dropping therefore making its value accurate.

Would you be willing to give 600k for that crate and opening it thinking your going to get Frostbreath? Or give 1.5m for the same question?

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You can say your not biased however your wording tells a different story.
Your assuming we are biased yet when we have not given any reason to be called bias we are assumed to be so. See the difference? Your words def show it to be true.

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It’s a discussion for me - others can take it how they will

Chicken is 37.5k

Used to be 100k - super high demand for it but still 37.5 k

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I didn’t use the word bias once

Yes I am very excited for Rex to go to 50k;imagine how excited I’ll be to gain the extra 88k value

What ever will I do with alll of it