Thoughts on new update?

Imo it is so sickkkk I love the new cabin, believe it or not I’ve kinda had an idea for a cabin like that for a while now. A cabin specifically designed for traders. Anyways I noticed a gas can with a rocket on it by the thing that turns you into a killer, what does that mean? And what should game passes be worth?


I think the gas cans are just referencing the space event back in like 2020 with ratthew and Dr Anna molly

As for the vouchers, it’s too soon to say


It’s interesting.

I have questions related to trading game passes for items. Def have questions related to gifting gems and coins.

Haven’t seen the mechanics yet, but that seems like a specific in game endorsement for trust trades and my understand is that trust trades are not allowed.



Yes it’s a phenomenal update

I think the coins/gems trading is a great addition however needs to be added to direct trade like other games - enter 10000 gems from my inventory on the spot - so I’d buy for myself then trade; not for someone else.

I am very happy with crate trading