Remove GEM trades ASAP


Please remove gem trades immediately as there are many getting sharked who have ZERO concept of gem to dollar value/Stk values

Moreso, trust trading is against rules and the current system is trust trading - scammer paradise.

Gems should be purchased and then traded alongside item trade in chosen intervals etc (this exists in TTD and other games) Coins can not be traded in those other games

I hate to see people losing and being so oblivious to it.


Its called gem “gifting”, not trading. It’s a way for people to give gems to people without something in return.

Whoever originially labeled this as trading gems and doing it (which is illegal) is downright mentally ill.


I agree, gem gifting is a cool concept, but they should only be able to be gifted through trades. I’ve already seen people saying they will give you gems if you give them a knife first. Being gifted gems by your friends or people you know and trust is awesome, but it would be better if you could type out the amount of gems you want to add to a trade and then add it that way


I agree. Let me put my gems directly into the trade. People are getting scammed worse than before.


Monster - who would you gift in the game?

When I Gift my in game friends I gift them a rare drop that they haven’t received etc and receive a low low value item to make it a trade

This was a poor attempt at gem/trading and it is imho a failure in that gems can’t be added to current trades as they are in multiple other games

I’m not going to justify why I see people buying and being scammed as WRONG!!


To be honest, I disapprove of making currency “tradable” in this game.

It would be too hectic to deal with the possible scenarios that can go wrong.


Idk if you play other games with a similar trade format

Coins CANT be traded and are earned whilst playing the game and completing tasks and used in game for coin items…

The problem is that in this instance the trade is 2 part vs being traded together

I think that’s a multi-faceted argument (should we trade gems) vs the scamming and sharking I am witnessing

Gems can be purchased with existing robux or outright - I have a monthly plan so i accumulate robux - some people don’t.

In the other games you can manually input the gem amount you want to trade - I had to ask a 7 year old this Q - a 7 year old who wouldn’t be sharked :slight_smile:


What does that even mean?

Trading gems is illegal?

Who labeled it?

It’s literally done successfully in 6dozen other Roblox games - :gem: trading for in game items -

You’re worried about the wrong illegality - people being scammed because they send gems and get blocked is what I’m concerned about


I don’t see how gem trading could go wrong. You’re making a conscious decision to trade your gems or coins, in a controlled environment, for items that you want. Other games do this successfully.
What I do see going wrong in actuality is - people “gifting” gems or giving away items with the prospect of being gifted gems , and getting scammed. It’s trust trading on steroids.
I’m not sure what the logic is behind gifting gems. I can’t imagine any scenario where I’d gift gems to random people in a server.


If someone manages to dupe gems/coins without it being detected, this game will be fucking gg.


Agreed, @ExactEstimate

I posted something similar right when the update happened- see below. Was just a hypothesis at that point in time.

After a few days of observing the new mechanic , it’s clear that the inclusion of gifting gems/coins has led to trust trading and new people getting scammed/sharked hard.

There are a number of examples of this happening plainly visible in any given trade server at any given time.

Would love this mechanic to be “tradable”, rather than “giftable” as others have mentioned.

That being said, as I’m not a dev or stakeholder of STK in any way, I have no insight as to whether or not this proposal would impact the game’s real world economics in a negative way.