Gem or high coin item values

I’ve been delving into this topic for a while since I started playing and understanding the trade system. My question is: why are items that require a large number of gems or a significant amount of coins always dropped? Since there isn’t a means of acquiring more than three gems per day, and some items cost about 900 or more gems, the only way to obtain them is through Robux. This leads me to another point: I’ve observed players making low offers for spectrum gem or high cost items, only to demand a trade immediately afterward or state “no new knives.” In conclusion, if players are using their Robux to obtain these items, there should be some level of standardization.

Examples of high-cost items:

  • Radiant Heart Seeker
  • Radiant Desire
  • Black Market Case
  • Limited lobby crate spawns

I feel bad for people that buy paparoni/mal/voldar and expect high value trades. I always felt that they should be worth more.


I think the items ur referring to drop because the community would rather have older spectrums like axe r and dds . This exactly happened with radiant h and axe r


The cost went up to get rid of farmers money as obviously many people farm in pro/advanced servers. The idea was to add something so they wouldn’t have so much money anymore and it also encourages you to play the game more to unlock these items. From my persepective that is what this is about


In the perspective of coin items not to gems. It is impossible to obtain most of the recent event items of this year without using robux. If a player would play the game everyday for a month would get around 630ish gems and players play more during events to spend all of their gems on a killer that cost 999 gems. That formula of cost of coin purchases makes no since when there was an update on the farming in the lobbies and most of the high paid items are not circulating in the trade lobby or discord trades.


what about the recent drop on the black market crates? which have been been dropped 2x. i want to know who do these values tailor to? not all players have access to discord or information where they can keep track of this information to then go into a trade lobby and get sharked from someone who will say “no new items” " it will drop believe me". coming from higher level players or players i know that has access to these resources.


exactly. voldar been in high demand for the longest. these values are tailored to a certain group of players that play this game.