Everything You Need to Know About Duping: The What, How, and Duped Items

Hi, I’m one of the dupers, and I know all there is to know about duping. Please be respectful; I understand the impact it had on the economy. My English might not be perfect since I’m Russian and still learning the language. It seems the community is quick to believe anything they hear, no offense intended, but it’s true. Now, you’re about to learn everything you need to know.

How It Started:
On June 17th, my friend (let’s call him ‘tnd,’ his nickname) and I began our journey into duping. We targeted the WOC20 initially, which, as you know, was heavily duped. Following that, we moved on to duping items like Fey and Crimson, among others, trading them for real money. That was the whole purpose of our duping operation. Eventually, we decided to sell the first source to a user named Dued1. Tnd reached out to him and made the sale for 100k in Robux.

The Second Dupe Script:
A week later, we developed our second dupe script. This time, we focused on Medas, which fetched a high price at the time. Unfortunately, the community’s staff caught wind of this, and an anti-cheat error was introduced, greatly hindering our operations. This error prevented items from stacking correctly during trades, effectively stopping our method. About 1.5 months later, developers patched this loophole, leaving us disappointed.

The Third Dupe Script:
Undeterred, we found another method to continue our activities. However, by this point, the market value for items had plummeted. For instance, Medas that sold for 5k rubles during our second wave of duping were now going for just 600 rubles. The economy was in shambles, and the Russian community, in particular, didn’t seem to care, with rampant buying and selling of items for real money continuing. Eventually, I considered leaking the source to the developers so they could patch the exploit. On October 23rd, I did what I felt was right for the community by sharing the source with the devs. Although motivated by financial needs, as I was broke, I ended up with a Galaxy item, though I had hoped for Robux or cash. Currently, I have 16 banned accounts with a combined value of over 1 billion. To iStratix, Dued1, or Jesse, if you’re reading this, I’m pleading for an exchange; the Galaxy doesn’t serve my initial purpose for joining this game and community.

How the Dupe Worked:
The duping involved trading and freezing data.

Which Items Got Duped?
Items heavily affected included GH20, Axer, CMaya, Calf, Crim, Ara, Fey, WOC20, Meda, Ruby, Fae, Snow Castle, Cor Clucky, Cold Clucky, C’s Corruptor, Cold WOC, and other items of lesser value that we didn’t focus on much.

That’s all there is to know about the duping. Jesse asked me to create this post for the forum.



Also want to include this from our conversation earlier:

Thanks for the post. This information will be valuable to the community.


I felt like this was one of the major points of how trading in STK overall has been more deteriorated than before.

The idea that people were not only buying, but for duplicated items made the items extremely less scarce and screwing up the overall trading structure itself.

Also, coming from my perspective, I don’t believe you should be given any robux or money from the developers after multiple sabotages to their game. They put their own time and effort to making their living off on and you basically took a toxic illegal advantage over it and potentially put it in jeopardy.


You made damaging cheats, profited from it, sold the information like ransom, and expect your things to be given back to you? Wow. Toxic.


So how do you know if you have a duped item?


absolutely insane dawg💀 i mean thanks for posting but sheesh some people really do deserve their permaban🥸


and tbh i’m positive there have gotta be a lot more dupes floating around with some of the accounts i see in the trading servers💀


Uhhh but even Dued1 made that 100k rbx bounty, but they gave me galaxy. Maybe you will understand me. I didnt come for galaxy, I came for money.


You cant be sure if the item is duped. The error system may work wrong. Sometimes you can stack legit and duped items, but sometimes you cant.


It could be worse, if not me


It’s incredibly insightful to hear directly from someone involved in duping, offering a firsthand perspective on how these activities unfolded and their impact on the game’s economy.

Your willingness to share your experiences, the technicalities of duping, and its consequences provides valuable lessons for both players and developers. It’s commendable that you’ve chosen to create a forum for open discussion. This initiative not only educates others about the complexities of online trading but also fosters a community dialogue that can lead to better security measures and a more informed player base. It’s a positive step towards addressing and rectifying the issues that affect the gameplay of traders


Thank you very much for this detailed explanation. It’s valuable to get an inside look at complex topics like duping, and your transparency is truly appreciated.


wow, galaxy is the ultimate wish of so many stk players, I can’t believe they gave it to duper…


don’t be rude, he learnt his lesson already and he came forward to disclose this thingy. Once again, tysm bro for this info. Have a good day. :slight_smile:


It’s funny how you call him your „friend“ even though you literally stole his script and profited from his work. :skull: He trusted you and he needed that script and now you r playing the victim. You both had the script when you just randomly decided to take the devs money and betray Maxim. And now you call him a friend? You know that there’s a new duping method…


In some way yes in some way nah. Your words are 50/50. And Maxim is my friend still.

We talked about it in dms, I explained everything to him about it.


I agree with you, the most important thing is to be focus on the main idea and learn from it. In fact that is one of the many questions I had regarding the game. :blush:


Even despite all the duping, I’ve always believed that many of these items are still truly rare. One team of people can only dupe and distribute so many items.
From the image Jesse posted above - “Tons of duped items got banned… only like 10% of them got sold”
So really, how many dupes could there possibly still be out there?


My 300 wocs 16 medas 16 feys got banned in one day. I dont know about other guys in my team, but they have more banned items