Controlled trading to avoid junky trading

I think we have a lot of junky traders, not actually playing the game but only trading all day long.

They trade for high value items and don’t actually have patience to wait for a valued offer. Trading it for a lot less that its actually worth. Dropping the values in the process.

Other traders look at these trades and think this is what this item is really worth.

The idea is:

What about you have to earn trading rights.

For example:

  • With every escape
  • Or escape with a particular item

It forces them to actually play the game. And not trade just for trading. (Getting rid of items for lower values cause they don’t have patience)
It might also help with alt accounts solely created for trading alone.

Im just trying to help think of a solution for countering the dropped values?

What do ya’ll think?

Could this help with everything @Jesse and the @moderators and @value-changers are doing?
Posted in main suggestion


valid, most of the items drop cos of stupid/impatient trades.

(i did not trade permafrost for 4 premium shop knifes)


That should be a game suggestion, stkvalues isn’t affiliated with slyce entertainment


I think this is more so a game suggestion, so I’d recommend putting it in the suggestions channel in the main Discord server.

On another note, I really think most of the issue is traders not being educated on their items. They get these rare, high value items and don’t know what they have. They’re just mimicking what they saw others do in the trade chat. I think educating these people is the best way to counter the issues we’re currently seeing.


Sounds like a decently good suggestion though it would have to be one that was put in the main server because well, we can’t change actual aspects of the game :face_holding_back_tears:


Im brain dead rn, but good topic to dicuss with more of our stk members.


Totally this. It’s a matter of not being educated about the values. Remember a lot of young kids play this game.
But personally, if I wanna trade my dds for nox that’s my business. I don’t need to be restricted with my own items.


I personally dont think they understand the values of the items. If they get them cheap and easily then there is no real appreciation. Meaning they will also trade it cheap. If they have to give high items that were hard to get then of course they wouod reciprocate. It was hard to get and earned so the willingness to trade it off for cheaper than what they gave, regardless of what the community says would then make them more patient for the right deal closer to its value.