When would the devs include St Patrick's event to the game?

As per the title, some people are excited for the upcoming update for Patrick’s event whereas some people are not so excited.
(The update is not officially annouced by any of the devs!)
People are claiming for the update any time soon as the Patrick’s event is very near.
Hopefully, there should be a good update

Anyways here are some sick concepts

These are concepts made by ion (Credits to the creator)
They’re so sick and cool! :heart: what do you guys think?

Anyway, are you team excited or team not so excited? Comment below :point_down:


I don’t think they will do one because of the Hunt. Maybe they will do a spring update instead.


evergreen axe is BEAUTIFUL but i would change the name. i really wanna see evergreen axe in the game one day fr, beautiful design