📌 Value Request Rules


These rules are designed to help make a flawless value request system so the entire community can contribute.

Value Request Guidelines

  • There should be no off-topic conversation in the value request channels. Any conversation will be deleted and may result in a warning.
  • When submitting a requests the trade screenshot shown in your proof must already be completed.
  • All information for the value request must be provided when submitting the proof with our format. Failure to provide proof or follow the format will result in your request being dismissed.

Strict Rules
Failure to comply to these rules will result in being permanently banned from making value requests and/or having your account permanently disabled on this forum.

  • Knowingly advertising stolen items or will result in being blacklisted.
  • Saying you will complete a trade but you have no intention of doing so after sending the proof (Proof baiting).
  • Gambling will result in a blacklist.
  • Sending trades back and forth between friends to manipulate values will also result in being Blacklisted.
  • Posting old trades will result in a blacklist.
  • Posting someone else’s trades will result in a blacklist.
  • Posting cropped images/trades will result in a blacklist (ALL TRADES MUST INCLUDE SERVER VERSION NUMBER LOCATED IN TOP RIGHT OF THE SCREEN).
  • Posting “broker” deals that include items that may have been gifted to you in order to artificially inflate the value of an item will result in a blacklist.

Request Format
All fields in this request format should be filled when you use it.

Item Requested:
Trade Value: vs
Receiver’s Username: <Receiver’s ROBLOX username and/or Discord Tag>
Sender’s Username: <Sender’s ROBLOX username and/or Discord Tag>
Date of the Trade: <MM/DD/YYYY>

Additional Comments:

Example Value Request

Item Requested: Frostbite 2020
Trade Value: 82,980 vs 83,750
Receiver’s Username: MrJesseh
Sender’s Username: tizcool4
Date of the Trade: 12/22/2021

Additional Comments: I think that Frost should raise because I was offered an almost 1k OP on it.