To everyone

If I post something which you don’t like please DM me and say me i will try to response and remove the topic but please don’t make and spread hates about me / anyone else. Ik I post useless things and ask them to raise with people support but if anyone has any problem with me and my post just be clear I won’t make you enemy. Ik am bad person with no friends no rich inventory and no one likes me but I just support the things which looks wrong in my Pov . Hope no one is offended with me and and no one has a person issue with me. Am just a simple noob and a poor trader raising some topic to help others. Thank you love you all brothers and sisters take care.

Spread brotherhood and love not hate please.


You’re fine man. Unfortunately in all forums you will get some rude people that just can’t have a conversation without insulting you. If you can try to take the lesson out of the message and ignore the delivery, you can get some decent info. Some people were just not raised with manners and you have to try not to be sensitive. Good luck :v:


Thank you .

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