The Discord Server Ruined Trading

I think everyone’s aware of how bad the discord trading server messed up trading, but like; dang?? Folks let axe r overrun their entire lives and it’s LITERALLY UGLY!! (We all know arach is superior) But since when do you need fey adds for axe r?? That makes absolutely no sense. I’ve abandoned all hope for the discord server, everyone’s heads are so far up there behinds its insane.


In-game trading is better. following the value list is better.


Preach it girl :speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head:


Happens when you let brain-dead motherfuckers corrupt the trading channel in the main server.


Lemme give a long not so soft-hearted explanation of my last message.

If you were to look for Axe R for the first time to have or to get one after not having one in so long, you are definitely fine.

However, if you were to pull a stunt to hoard like 8-20+ of them, constantly trade/offer it back and forth, or push the agenda of wanting way more than you initially traded for Axe R, then you are no less of a toxic demand bitch.

I’ve seen so many attempts of these shitty stunts go by over the course of 3 years of trading in this game, and I haven’t seen a cycle of people this stuck onto an item like this. In the past at some point, people were not only agreeing to make Axe R worth 2 Arach (which actually happened for a while), but somewhat push it even further to ruin the trading structure of main items that aren’t directly involved. There are so many trading variations for Axe R that people are willing to push INSTEAD of any of the other 90% of items in the game currently that would seem literally God awful, like x2 Fae for Axe R or Fey for Axe R and DDS.

I can’t wait for the next update to have some of those degens pull off the SAME stunts on averaging 8 hours a day flipping back and forth. That’s honestly just sad asf.

Also, on a side note, let’s not forget the dumbass degenerate mfs that keep saying over and over again that “Axe R Raise” or “Axe R Hype”. You would literally gotta have the IQ of an expired sponge smoking shit that doesn’t even exist.


Agreed, people who spend all day flipping axes are really a huge problem, and it’s like the same 3-5 people in the discord server trading axes, so it’s definitely a close knit group of kids. And it sucks because there’s literally nothing we can do about it besides value request :sob: I wish there was a way to be more proactive about these types of people


We know that everything you say is true, there is a big problem surrounding fair trade in STK.

There are plenty of reasons why, however I think we must work for its eradication and reinvention.

If there are no changes there will be no different results. PS: I apologize for my English, I try to write the best I can. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i mean, ppl in ts follow the value list way more than discord users


yes iknow ppl should respect limiteds not trash axe r


I apologize if offering adds for something I really want has caused problems in the past. I have given away some good items in an effort to repent for this. Just know that a lot of people who give more are not understanding of how trade works, and some don’t have a clue about prices. I didn’t early on. I just tossed what I had to trade in chat, and looked at what people were offering me for it.

I am so happy we have this forum, and value list we can count on. It is a LOT of work, no doubt. Undermining this was rude of me.


If anyone wants some good trading approaches


People just hyped up axe r for no reason


Becusse it looks cool


Axe r would look cooler if it was in the shape of 1984 by George Orwell