Rare Items Dropping

Pretty sure we have all noticed that there has been several value drops regarding rare items such as Medalist Mangler, Crimson, Fey, and others. Is there anyway to stop this from happening? From what I experienced is people have been dropping them for no reason and just hating on the item in general :no_mouth: .


The issue is uninformed traders will go to the trade chat on the main Discord server for their info. Then they end up making trades like this:


a lot of traders end up losing while trying to “flip” big items like fey and crim and some other ppl are demand traders, in fact they trade their big items for high demanded items


Players tend to follow in other players’ footsteps or just hold a large grudge against rare items because there are dupe copies of them out there still. Nonetheless, it’s just an environmental influence that leads players into demanding a drop for all rare items.


They want to flip their shit for like a half set or whatever so they can get ‘tasty’ profit, it just ends up into a bunch of low balls and shit snowballing really hard


Soon Axe R is the item with highest value.
All other items like Meda, Crim and Fey will drop like Woc20.

You can see this trend since last weeks.
Many love Axe R it’s the non plus ultra for them easy to trade nice design.

I hate the trend, but I think limited/rare items will drop hard in future.


Fr, and I still can’t believe axe r is worth more than c alf. I personally would never trade it for axe r, even if the other trader overpayed.


Isn’t that the point of “demand” being in play? Ok, you have a rare item that is worth a lot. But noone wants it. So far all I see in this forum is talk about fey and crim and I don’t really get it. It’s a bit elitist.


The stupid thing is that Axe R, DDS, Permaforst, and so many others are duped. But yet they still make the lame excuse “Rare items are duped” “Fey has been duped a lot” “Woc20 has been duped a lot”. Axe R probably has more copies than any of these rare items.


I think it’s also people thinking it was only the rare knifes that were duped and for some reason not items such as Axe R, DDS, and others. I wish some of the people in the trading community used more common sense :expressionless:


I agree, supply and demand both play a role in the value of an item. The thing is, the list already takes this into account when valuing items. All the items’ values are based on community trades, which means we are taking the “demand” trading heavily into account.

The reason crim and fey are such a big topic right now is because of what is going on with them. They have been at the very peak of trading for so long, and suddenly we’re seeing them get shit on (for what seems to be no reason). I think everyone is just a bit shellshocked as to what is going on, myself included.


Dumb traders will be dumb traders, that’s my motto. Even if axe r has more copies than other duped items, then that means axe r was just simply overhyped obviously. The only reason why it’s still alive is because of the manipulation from back then and its awful design, that’s what people go crazy over.


It’s something that would take ages to repair on.

For the last 2 years, those rare items have been slowly going down from what they originally get from the beginning because people who have those rare items tend to flip them daily, instead of investing.

I mean, Fey wasn’t affordable with 4 Axe R beforehand and now its barely affording 1 with adds. People tend to flip THOSE items for items that are the most eye-catching to profit from and it’s been abused WAYYY too damn much to the point its dropping. Crimson used to get 2-3 Cdoc and now its barely affording Cdoc and adds.

I think people need to fucking stop constantly trading for those highest valued items over and over again just because it can give the highest average range of profit, and just trade LITERALLY any of the 90% of knifes that has way more room to make flips to not make it so dampening.

I can’t justify values in this list but it’s getting less and less apparent as time goes on when the TOTAL value range of items are decreasing WHILE we are getting new items from update to update which would eventually make the trading structure collapse.


The difference with the values on this list is that the values come from the community traders and there proofs. Its not a list based of anyones opinions… imagine making a list that is opinion based by the creator.?? Everyone has there preferences, i couldn’t justify that list nor expect the community to follow a biased list either.


I’ve never quite understood why you disagree with the value list. I know you are aware of how free market economics works, which basically states that the market decides what something is worth.

That’s what we’ve done. We took the opposite approach in the beginning where we decided how much things were worth based on our opinions, and that just doesn’t work. It’s not sustainable, and people don’t care about what you have to say unless you have proof to back it. That’s why we moved towards the system we have right now.

Now, that’s not to say that our system is without flaws as any system has. I don’t understand why it is that in most things, the entire team and you tend to align in thought process. Yet, rather than contributing solutions to solve the problems the current list faces, you make your own instead. It seems like if you want trading fixed you’d be working with us rather than against.

All of this being said, I’m glad to see you’re on here speaking your mind. That’s what I made this thing for.


Bro Fae’s lament in specific, I think the knife is so underrated, especially considering there are only about 740-750 left due to account deletions and stuff. The fact that it lowered instead of rose is dumb. I think this knife needs to be raised.


Then I can’t trust most of the community traders on their takes. I apologize, but I am not alright using something that doesn’t make present logical sense. Traders to this day are not even trading for value profit on the Highest valued items, but more so looking to flip on whatever gets more DISREGARDING value-wise.

When is the last time someone gotten a value overpay OR even a fair value trade for Fey legitimately to downgrade from?

People are just blindly seeing what the person next to them that had the same item got for what they have and try to either one-up them or get what they got which mostly fails or go for the next best offer, thus continues the pattern of lowering what the item can get overall in time.

The other main issue is people tend to be way more impatient with these highest valued items than before and it shows.