Opinions on Limited Knives

the limited knives is using the modeling of default slycer with only small variations.
also, the effects are boring, and too many of the limited knives either don’t have trails or have trails but no effects.

so, the limited knives don’t feel unique at all, and only people who have been playing the game for a long time will recognize their value.
if you ask a player who has just started playing the game, they probably don’t realize how valuable the limited knives are…
crim? medal? they don’t even know how valuable these are, because crim and medal are VERY rare, but look VERY VERY VERY normal.

if it’s unique, you should be able to recognize it at a glance. I think each limited knife should have its own unique effect.

in this sense, I think fae l has a unique look, but fae l had its unique trail taken away by moonstone and golden hours. so I think this is also killing the limited knives

anyway, tattedzach even mentioned wanting a rework for some old knives or maps, so I think limited knives should have their own unique effects because they are rare.


After the rewrite the “Limiteds” we actually have is yellow test knife. All greens are now either a code knife of like 1 in 100 chance when you escape. Meaning all limiteds are just turning into a rare knife