Opinion on this?

You wanna know what I think? alr here we go (this is not meant to disrespecte Jesse or the value changers, Just my opinion), FIRST OFF, I just wanna say, that this is the WORST upt ever, and I feel that this is very unfair and inaccurate. This is why: Instead of lowering the best frickin knives in the game by 10 MILLION! why don’t you just raise the the only knife causing problems? Hmmmmm oh ya, AXER! why don’t instead of just lowering the best knifes in the game, Raise the knife that’s causing the underpays. Becuase people say “oh, well fey never gets its value”. Well guess what buddy, I dont know I person in there write mind who would trade feys slycer for 2 fae? but I do know people who will trade it for axer… SO RAISE AXER, instead of ruining the most iconic knifes of STK, its honestly starting to ruin the game. Becuase I dont know about anyone els, but I definitly think that crim, fey and meda are PART of STK. 2nd off know that fey is 3.5mil, guess whats gonna happen?.. People are gonna start wanting 2 fey for axer… Then all limiteds lower AGAIN, hmmmm this sounds kinda fimiliar… hmmmm… like it happend alr… OOHHHH YAAA!!! WOC20! ya thats write woc20, formerly 19mil (rarest knife in game) lowerd all the way to 1mil and even know it struggles to get its value. THATS what is gonna happen to crim, fey and meda. 3rd off, people gonna be MAD (like me) becuase some people inventorys (like mine) have gone from 20mil to 7 mil, in ONE UPDATE!!!

Jesse and value changers, to save from argument and people rageing, pls consider makeing the limiteds there former values, and Just raise axer. It will result in happyness instead of rage. No one will get mad at a raise.

Thats what I think.

also vote here what you think

What do you think?
  • let fey,crim,Meda fall and become like woc20 and keep axers value
  • OR: bring them back to 5mil,10mil,18mil and simply raise axer
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exactly, everybody like literally everybody know if the new value for those limiteds are accurate but its ended up making people in trading server believe if axe r is going to raise soon and Start giving an Even more overpay for it since now the limiteds are dropped really bad
such as

Fey went from 10m to 3.5m cuz people are trading it for axe r add
Meda went from 18m to 7.5m cuz people are trading it for 2 axe r, mostly
and etc

the community itself doesnt care about the new value and keep hyping that axe r which is ruining the current trading state even more, than it used to be back then.

one of the reason of this is also bad owners, they are lowballing a lot of copies and even duping it to start making people believe if its going to drop soon, and most of them are trading it for axe r which is like what i said, making them think if axe r is going to raise


Tell this to the community that made these items so dogshit, it’s almost as if karma is in fact, real


blawg how are we supposed to tell this to the community when they were blinded by the axe R Trend


First of all, woc20 dropped due to the massive duping problem surrounding it meaning more woc20 was in circulation. That is why woc20 dropped. Second of all, fey, crimson and meds dropped due to the community trading them for trash and low-key gaslighting them to trade it for trash. Axe R is so hyped due to the community making it so high and the manipulation around it. You can’t blame Jesse or the value changing team for just adjusting the values to what the community is trading it for, I would say this is the most accurate it has been. I think the next step would be to continue watching and observing the community trading. I do believe fey should raize but that is only my opinion and isn’t the truth and isn’t what people want becuase no one is giving 2axe r for fey like it deserves and what I think it deserves


yes, axe r is too much power in the trade…


I did knot blame Jesse or value changers for anything, If you actually read the article I wrote I said multiple times its knot there fault (litterally in the first sentence), I just recommend a different approach then ruining the best limiteds :slight_smile: No disrespect


This update is fair in my accordance. The value changers did not have any other choice. Maybe this value change can lead to:-
A. Realize people about the true worth and as of now, people are trying to save limiteds and as they are cheaper now, easy to collect.

B. Axe r on the other hand has the power to take over meda, even it has also undergone duping but people care about the design and effect. But, as people are panic trading, some axe r holders will use this opportunity to collect cheap limiteds. A best opportunity some would say.

My point is 'the update was incomplete, c doc > Fey and crim? Wherein those 2 pull c doc add. The update is fair but incomplete. That is what I mean to say :blush:


Firstly you start of by saying how they dropped the limiteds in a sarcastic tone like they don’t know what they are doing


I said I don’t agree with the value upd, and I think limiteds values are unfair to their rarity.


Let us just go by what the values lead us. We have value team for this, you and I don’t have to worry…