Let's Solve The Eye Puzzle

Hi everyone,

We are trying to focus on solving the puzzle. Actively explore ideas to try in-game to solve puzzles. Notes/work ideas are excellent; If we can start making a list, we’ll have a list of tasks to try.

We have a solution to the puzzle that has already started, if you would like to share your ideas do not hesitate

Remember that we have already tested quite a few things, you can see what was achieved here:

Maybe we can ask for a clue thanks to this poll, if it reaches a certain number maybe the developers will give us a clue

Lets have a new hint for the eye puzzle
  • We need a new hint :heart::eyes:
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I’d like to remind you of Zach’s words:

Hidden within its blinking base, eight walls of fortification
The lights, when bright, reveal the key; a majuscule incantation


Lights when Bright reveal the key.

Beat? The beat of the light strips is a pattern: 1, 2, 6, 7, 3, 3, 8, 10…

  • Could be that we need to beat the game in a pattern. Each person is it only once and goes afk.

  • Cooperative play: hit people in the pattern, but dont mess up and kill anyone. Everyone escapes!



how far did ya’ll get? Is anyone keeping track of all the clues?


Might be a good idea for someone to make another post under this category with all the clues so far.


I would love to do that, but got midterms to do. Maybe after midterms, which is after this month, or mid April.


yea i made one earlier but we can do it there i can edit it


Trying to solve the Eye Puzzle…