Justice for limiteds pls

#raiselimiteds blawg

ive seen a lot of people trading with demand recently, i mean trading like what people on discord does, and tbh i hate to say the fact that THEY ARE LITERALLY RAISING THAT FUCKING AXE R UNTIL IT REACH THE HIGHEST NUMBER POSSIBLE , you might think if “oh youre just jealous because you dont have it” but the thing that actually happen is that

People from discord probably said something such as “bro c doc cant get axe r now” to these people in Trading server who doesnt use discord to Believe if something such as C doc and other limited things are lowering and they’re spreading it to tons people and making majority of people believe if value does nothing rather than Demand and Trend

i know if demand does actually matter with the value of a thing , but this is getting out of hand… also whats the point of STKvalues if most people now days are trading by looking at the demand and trend.

also ive seen some people asking to their friend before doing a trade something such as
A : bro someone offered my crim for axe r, is that a w/f/l
B : accept it bro, axe r is way better than crim

its their friend so, they would believe them