I think crimsom value is misleading

I want to summon the owner of this site, the value changer of this web and the early forum supporter.

I think crimson’s value is misleading because before fey slycer’s value is 18m and crimson is 9m. It means the value of fey is doubled than crimson and then Fey’s slycer value drop became 10m and crimson 5m it means the value of fey slycer is still two times higher value than crimson but now fey slycer is 3.5m and crimson is 3m value. This is misleading because many people will think that their crimson is still worth it to get when in fact it’s now comparable to blood ruby,fae lament or arachnophobia. Crimson value should be 1.5m because fey slycer deserve two crimson.

First of all, the real reason why crimson has higher value it is because it has only 300 copies and crimson is the third rarest knife, but now so many people have crimson and also the owner of the game can create many crimson for THEIR give away since they can do it since crimson is not limited and if the developers wants to create many crimson making crimson less valuable because it’s not 300 copies anymore plus the dupe.


Summary: if you have 2 crimson ,i have 1 fey slycer,you can dm me for trade


Never was it said that 2 crimson is fey
Forever crimson and small add equal to fey
Stop dreaming dude


What i mean crimson can be created again by the owner of the game if they wanted for their give away, that can make the value of crimson less valuable that’s why it is now comparable to blood ruby or fae lament unlike fey slycer which is #600, the only reason why it has a lot of copy because of dupe but crimson’s value one of the reason why it has a lot of copy because it can be created again. That’s why crimson is the next WOC2020


Woc20 cannot be made again


Are you even reading what you saying?
Or just writing?


its definitely doable for fey to be worth 2 crimson. i had a trade like it 2 years ago.


you can completely see how dumb our trading community is and people are believing something without knowing the truth, also crimson will never raise with a few reasonable reasons :

  1. it has no limited of copies, unlike galaxy which only has exactly 100 copies crimson could be given as many as the CM want

  2. within a few years (probably) crimson would have more copies that what something such as fey does and will surely drop because of how common it is in the future

  3. people are lowballing for it, you can see many people are panic trading their crimson for underpays recently because how people said that it will drop soon, i do agree but it doesnt mean if its going to be like Woc20…

  4. crimson is not a a good investment method, if you wanna flip for smth i recommend you not to use limiteds… you are just killing it slowly and also limiteds are only good for collection especially for those people who collect limiteds