I hate people like this when I trade

They don’t say anything at first and then keep sending trade requests and making offers on stuff I have.

But I refuse most of their offers because I don’t want to trade except for the stuff I want to trade.

Then they tell me, “That stuff is dead, hard to get a good offer, kid lol” and they’ll pick a fight with me.

a trade only works if both parties want it, but they don’t seem to realize that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Iknow trade wont work like that but they are kids they wont know well like us


My favorite is when they advertise some deal in the chat.

I tell them I want the items.

Then enter trade screen.

Then I ask them what they want.

“IDK” and then exit trade.


2nd fav is when they call me a scammer when I ask them to test some item BEFORE we spend a pile of time negotiating a trade. Hate wasting time just to get “error 8654” message.