How to restore the STKValues' List

Hello. I’m just wondering what some community members might think on this topic bc I’ve rly thought abt how it can help the list.

So there hasnt been as much value requests, so Value Changers are unable to maintain efficient updates and accuracy, letting the list slowly fall more inaccurate.

Since most big items, (1M value+) are seen as inaccurate now, wouldn’t it make sense for the only way to save the list, and have more people agree with its values, to be to have a complete revamp on all big items to reflect what they go for in the community now, then utilize the old method of value updating, not requiring proofs (since lack of proofs cause this inaccuracy) in order to maintain an accurate list?

Just curious on what everyone thinks about this?


Just let it happen. too many items clustered in the 100k value range for downgrades from higher items to not make sense value-wise.