Hot take

Now ik y’all are gonna hate me for this, but you can’t just demand that limiteds rise simply bc you feel that they deserve to. That is not how it works, the value represents what it is getting and what people are offering for it. Now ik for a lot of og players this doesn’t seem fair and may seem like noobs are shitting on this amazing game, but the facts still stand. No one wants limiteds anymore (or at least a lot of people don’t.) now part of this for me and maybe others, idk, is that limiteds are so far down the list in your inventory. Now this may seem petty, but it is just too much work to scroll down a rich persons inventory to see if they have any limiteds of value. So, I think maybe limiteds should be set before or after spectrum knives or after immortals at least. Idk maybe this is a dumb idea, but just a thought. But again I will say that you need to stop bashing the value changers and demanding “justice” when they are simply doing their job of portraying an items current value. Lmk what you think and no hate pls


people dont want limiteds because they think they are trash because of duping but the dont know axe r is duped too all duped and if theyxlook at limiteds they will see how itnis much cooler than spectrums qnd their effects too and trails and althought limiteds duped but they still very rare compared to others so for me isayxwe should collect much of limiteds from owners niw to keep them with us because we know they are good snd best ofc and that will make getting them hard again and they wont drop like now
If they make you choose axer or meda what you will choose me ofc meda its so rare compared to axe r its with much ppl really isee that in game always and the truth axe r is not good and trash in other games


I still think spectrums physically look cooler and I bet a lot of people agree (this is just a personal preference I simply don’t like a normal slycer shape)


people think spectrums are like the best items in the game even though you got the greens/limiteds that are like 5x better, the only thing spectrums win over greens is the texture, range, and taller, and is 3D.

Greens/Limiteds < Spectrums


But you kinda just proved all the ways spectrums are cooler, I mean yes limiteds are WAY more rare, but lots of people simply don’t care