Final Message

This is my last message to STK. I may or may not come back ever again cause there is no way I can. All the pathways are blocked, the gates which were opened are not closed. Elegant entrances changed their color. Those are just their reactions to my actions, as Newton’s third Law of motion states that:-
Every Action has an Opposite and Equal reaction
And yeah, that’s what happened with me. I kept being a jerk and ended up vanishing from STK community. At the last, I had a lot of fun, tragedy, drama and cosplay with you guys. It was a like a mission and a mystery to solve but I attempted wrongful methods.

First Phase

At the beginning, I was also a Halloween 2021 spectrum lover and I kept requested to raise Axe of the Reaper and requested to Drop Fey at certain requests. Those were basically trade backs with other people which made me get blacklisted.

Second Phase

I collected rolling pin by trading duplicates and maxed it, which was regard MANIPULATING as @polar0750. I ignored it and went on maxing pins since they were my favourite, but people say its potential and gave me offers which worth around Cupid’s heartstopper. This incident made my blacklist permanent.

Third Phase

Before Patricks’ 2024 event, I created a private discord server to save limiteds, in which our main focus was ALL LIMITEDS but I saw PolarAtTheCinema’s inventory and got dedicated to save / raise fae. This is a very famous incident in STK’s history as it was regarded as an item manipulation. And yeah, it was, I too realize it. My members wrongfully cooperated, created fake hype but none one of use value requested using ALT accounts.
This news went viral around the globe and we were in shame and despair, shocked to watch our plan get disintegrated.

Fourth Phase

It is not serious but I just called Polar something wrong which got me :-

  • Banned from STK Main Discord Server
  • Banned from STKValues Discord Server
  • Blacklisted from appealing from both the appeal servers

I continued to trade in game though, but a moderator suspected me of cross trading and banned me. It was my brother who was looking for robux for my items in his account. I gave Corrupt Clucky for my close friend’s NITRO which was regarded as cross trading. Even if he wouldn’t had gave me NITRO, I would’ve gave him the Corrupt Clucky for free since I was loosing interest in STK, and I even gave a person free Blood Ruby when his DDS and Grimsley killer got scammed.

So yeah, that’s the whole truth written, the last message which I wanted to convey with all the players, and now, I’ll leave in peace.

This game helped me build up:-

  • Commercial ideas in barter system
  • Earning profit techniques from duplicate items
  • Kindness inside me, the giving of love and prosperity

This is all! I hope we never meet again. Bye guys, will miss you from the bottom of my heart… :broken_heart:


And if possible unban me for one day, so that I can give items to my close friends as a remembrance, this is my only wish to fulfill :pray::smiling_face_with_tear:

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You should become familiar with Murphy’s Law as it appears to me more fitting for your situation