Fey's Slycer Opinion

I feel like Fey’s Slycer is either being manipulated, or the people who own it just don’t know what they have.

Let’s do some math really quick:

STK gets around 1 million visits per day as per RoMonitor Stats.

There are only 600 original copies of Fey’s Slycer:

600 / 1,000,000 = 0.0006
0.0006 * 100 = 0.06%.

Based on this math, we can clearly see that only 0.06% of people that play the game own this knife, and this is just based on the average amount of visits per day, this percentage could be far smaller.

Now, lets take duping into account and assume that the copies of Fey DOUBLED or even TRIPLED:

600 * 2 = 1200 copies
600 * 3 = 1800 copies

1200 / 1,000,000 = 0.0012
1800 / 1,000,000 = 0.0018

0.0012 * 100 = 0.12%
0.0018 * 100 = 0.18%

This shows that even if these items were duped on a mass scale, doubling or even tripling the amount of copies of the knife, if you own this knife you are still in a very small group of people that own it.

Most of the accounts containing duped copies were banned by myself or members of the moderation team. So, most likely, taking into account banned accounts and owners who have quit, Fey still has a very small amount of owners.

I think that Fey owners need to start realizing what they have and trading it for what it is actually worth. Please stop accepting lowballs and shoving these items into the dirt.


Most likely factors to this are: dupe copies, manipulation, misled groups of people trading it for high demand items instead of trading it for what it’s worth, and of course, people who are in deep love with axe r.


Fey is also the first limited stock item released on STK from what I remember. Honestly probably the best knife in the game in terms of looks


One issue is that there are technically probably only 20 feys being traded back and forth. They trade fey for lets say for example. Axe r, arach, dds then get fey back for axe r, arach, poltergeist killer and say shark. No thats not being a shark. A shark is getting fey for that trade and trading it for over value. They use big items to flip for under 50k gains and its crazy.


Your analysis is pretty spot-on in terms of illustrating the rarity of Fey’s Slycer within the game’s ecosystem, and the impact that rarity should have on its perceived value among players.

Often, players might not fully grasp the rarity and value of items they possess, especially in dynamic and fluctuating trading.

For some, the sentimental or aesthetic value might outweigh the market value, influencing trading decisions like Axe Reaper.

I completely agree with your opinion, I also think that groups of people want to lower the value of feys also by manipulating it.


id also say that most of the times we see the same copies always in circulation and some ppl panic trade them


This is mostly due to dumbfucks believing anything, for example, userX does trade with userY(may or may not be an alt of userX) this trade is a massive value win, and then userZ, a person unrelated to userX and userY trades said item userX recently acquired for a fair offer value offer, then userX replies to them “no noob shark that dead see it need add for axe r shark noob” and since userZ is gullible, trades it for lower than userX’s initial trade and this eventually spreads everywhere and snowballs into a complete rot of the item, this can literally apply to any item, take in point Wing’s of Cupid 2020,once great, now a shell of its older glory, not even getting its cheaper counterpart.


Most people try to panic sell when an item starts dropping, and they don’t seem to realize that panic sell is an outright killing action. This has killed most of limited items… yes…


I also don’t understand why the fae is low. because while I’m not dismissing demand and trends, there are only 777 copies of the fae, so I think it’s rare enough, even though it’s a relatively new knife :thinking:

Of course, I have a feeling that limited items in general are undervalued, not just fae.




yeah fr bring them back to the glory : D


Jesse the match teacher


Yes. Here’s another issue:

I want to trade for as many fey’s as possible for all the reasons you describe above.

Plus I hold a number of them already and i want to stop people from tanking.

The issue is that someone traded me a dupe.

I’m not trading away any Fey.

That means I can’t trade for Fey and can’t help Fey from tanking.

Would like a solution.


Same with Fae.

Obv I like limiteds : )


You might be able to trade your duped fey to an alt account with no fey on it. That should allow you to trade the other ones again.


For sure, thank you Jesse.

Unfortunately, I have duped fae and fey on both accounts and a duped arach(!!) on one.

Maybe a gh20 too, iirc.

There’s only a limited amount of effort (setting up alts, etc) that I want to put in to solving an in-game that we all didn’t create.

Do the devs have the ability to remove duped items and is it worth their time to do so?

I saw a post here were accounts who participated in duping were banned, along with the items- which makes me think that devs want to solve the problem too.


Found something that might be interesting to some.

We know that dupes don’t stack on “clean” knives.

So I made two alts to shuffle items around until the main account was clean. Needed three accounts to do this with.

What I did not know, and found out, was that dupes appear to stack on dupes. This might not be news to some but was news to me. I thought didn’t stack, period.

So now I have 1 clean copy of each knife I want on my main to avoid dupes on my main,

I have all dupes isolated an alt. This means that I can continue to take duped limiteds off the market if the same accounts continue to dump the same limiteds for the same low offers for price manipulation purposes.

I thought it was interesting enough to share.


Well it has to be a manipulation. I saw several comments today about Fey dropping and low ball offers. Someone even said their friend is a mod and told them Fey was gonna drop.
Same thing is happening with c doc


It’s a manipulating scheme and people seems to join it in for the repeated flips.