Error 8645 - Dupe items

Error code 8645 occurs when duplicate items are detected in trade and inventories.

If player 1 attempts to trade a dupe and player 2 does not have the item or have any dupes of that item > the trade will go through

If player 1 attempts to trade a dupe and player 2 does have a dupe of the item that player 1 is trading to them > the trade will not go through and error 8645 appears

This is because duplicate items cannot stack on top of each other. Dupes can be traded as long as the other player

a. Doesn’t have the item

b. Doesn’t have dupes of the item

So testing items by trading with friends will not work unless you know for sure that they have a duplicate of the item you are testing

Trading Dupe + Dupe = Error
Trading Dupe + Legit = No Error


No it’s false
Neither the value changers nor the cm know it accurately
Only dued know what script he made
I know how to do the trade
When I get error I shift my knifes to another account then trade occurs and then I’m even able to take my knifes from alt
Also i had axe r error 2 months ago
I did not do axe r trades for 2 months
Later I could take 2 axe r easily but when I added just 1 dds it showed error
And those 2 knifes were saved in my friend’s account and I could take them with no efforts after 2 months


You clearly failed to comprehend on what Fezco just stated and shows that education is important.

Also, the Community Managers do know things .-.


fezcos post is exactly right.


I’ve tested this thoroughly and this is exactly how dupes work. Value changers and CM’s are very knowledgeable on this topic. My friend Polar mentioned that old dupes and new dupes may work differently with each other tho.


See who is telling me
The person that is worst in trades


No see my message
I had error in 2 axe r 2 months ago and that was in my alt but then when I tried now it went completely well without any issue
And I had not done any axe r trades for 2 months so no chance that a dupe axe r in my acc must have gone


Bro you can deadass put dupes of axe r onto an alt that has no axe reapers in the inventory of that account.

Please understand.


Noob I’m saying I can put the axe back to my account now from alt after 2 months


Um, please just stop.

I doubt somebody would help you.


And second, only call me the worst trader when you have a bigger inventory than me broke boy.


You’re not understanding my post.

This means that you have a dupe AxeR and whoever you tried to trade 2 months ago ALSO had a dupe AxeR.
Whoever you traded your AxeR to recently DID NOT have a dupe AxeR so the trade was able to be completed.

Dupes can be traded if one player doesn’t have a dupe of that item


having those 3 items ain’t shit in 2024 due to how affordable they are currently. If you had them in like 2021-2022, thats a different story.


Again wrong
Because of errors I tried 1 more thing with person
When in put nothing in trade he could give me fey
But I add axe
Then error came
I transferred the axe to other acc
Got the deal with no error
And then I transferred the axe back to my account
So yes the script is trash


Thanks i never it :+1:


Thanks @Fezco.

My understanding was that dupes cannot stack on clean items.

Your explanation accounts for some of the inconsistencies I’m seeing within my accounts.

To check my understanding: you’re saying that dupes are essentially self limiting. Meaning, the 1st dupe item I trade for will stack on clean items.

Then I will error out each time someone attempts to trade a dupe and trades with clean items will process as normal?


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