Dupe Item- solution?

Hey All,

TYIA for the help. Getting ERROR 8654 TRY AGAIN LATER message when trading some big ticket items. Does this mean my item is duped? What’s the solution if so?

New-ish to game, new to trading.


Yeah if you get that error that means you and your trader partner have duped items, no solution except singling out the items and transferring to an alt to remove dupes from your account


Can devs identify duped items within an account and remove?

I’m sure they have the same vested interest in clearing these out as we do.

And how do you identify which is the duped item if you have multiples?

Say you have 4 fey- how would you go about singling the duped one to send it to an alt?


Dupes don’t stack onto clean items



So, super basic question- apologies in advance.

Say I have four feys on one account and four on another.

I can’t trade between the two accounts.

How do I determine with account and then which fey(s) is/are the dupe?

To trade, you just press on the fey icon into the trade interaction and there isn’t an ability to line all the feys up and test them individually, correct?


to my understanding, in that case you would have 2 duped feys, one on each account. to find out which ones are the dupes, you would need to spread them out on their own accounts and test trade them… very tedious, especially if, like in your example, you have many copies lol


Thank you bonjii and somguy.

Wonder if the devs would be interested in removing/replacing if we did our part in isolating the dupes.

Takes all the fun out of trading to land the deal you want- just to get an error message as a result of bad actions from a.small.group of players from a time period before you even had an account.

I assumed, as a new player, that stuff i was trading for was “legit” and didn’t know that dupes were an issue.

I spent real money (like many people here), and probably more than I care to admit, on in game items to trade.

I assumed (incorrectly) that the items I received back were fully functional. Big bummer.