Discuss about some items, being DDS and Pol SC

Alright, so I’m making up this topic to gather everyone’s opinions on the matter about two items: Deadly Dark Scythe and Poltergeist Scythe. Let’s just get straight to the point.

First one, Deadly Dark Scythe, or DDS. Currently at 1M value, with a somewhat decent demand and a bit of rarity to it. There’s one question that I want to ask: does it deserve 1M as its value? As far as I can remember, after the revamp ( which happened long ago ), it rasied from around 700k to 1M, which is a huge gap. And I believe that there are diverse and different reactions for this. Some being really happy ( including me ) for its raise in value, some being slightly disappoint for the thought of “bruh why hype dds so much that it would make a mega drop later on”, and others kinds of feedbacks as well. It is quite unstable - I’ve seen people who would overpay drastically for it, and also people who just doesn’t care and offer something like, I don’t know, Grim Set? Overall, I think it’s really unstable than it should.

The same unstability applies for Poltergeist Scythe ( or “pol sc” if that matters ). It should just stay around 150k at the first place, but then the community have to go crazy and raised it up all the way to 475k now, I think. And right now as I’m doing this post, “pol sc” is losing their current value, as I’ve seen so many people offering low tier spectrums and small adds for them, maybe even worse. For some reason, a hype created itself, cause “pol sc” to go up so high and now when the hype is slowly dying down, it just sucks. Not to mention it is just also a reskin of DDS, which is pretty bad in terms of creativity and design, at least for me.

So yeah. Looking forward to hear people’s opinions on this. Have a good day / night, and have fun STK!


I think a lot of the unstableness for DDS is coming from DDS haters. I personally think the knife is at a good value. Not overpriced but not too low like 700k. I don’t think it should raise anymore anytime soon by looking at the trades but it shouldn’t drop either. Maybe just lower it’s demand or something like that. Also the hype for pol scythe is weird. 475k is not deserving. It’s current value is just from overhype. I think a more respectable value would be somewhere around 300k. Just my thoughts.


Personally, I think both knives are not doing incredibly decent when it comes to 1:1 trading ad it’s hard for the opposing trader to give the exact value and shit, and they aren’t doing spectacular at downgrading into smaller items either, however both of these get fairly substantially overpaid when it comes to upgrading, which is fairly prominent in other items such as “axe of the reaper” especially, feel free to discuss on this.


Yeah, and everyone’s thoughts is exactly what I need lmao. Also while it is true that most of DDS’s unstability is coming from the haters, there are still some ( including me sadly ) thinks that DDS shouldn’t get that high at 1M. Around 900k woulf be fine, I think. And yeah, “pol sc” is just straight up being bad now that the hype is gone XD


Agreed, since that is literally what’s going on with DDS and “pol sc” tradings XD Still, 1:1 DDS trading isn’t as bad, I’ve seen multiple ( yes, multiple ) offering something like Fae or Arach for mine ( in which I declined since scythe biased :PP ). Maybe I’m just being somehow lucky, but so far that’s what I believe.