Crate Values

Imho crate values need to change - crate trading is new so I’m sure they will change but just putting it out there for discussion - I’m adding as I go because I’m lazy

Santa Roni Crate - 2022
Original Cost - 450coins
What’s inside? 3 Uncommon, 3 Rare, 2 Legendary, 2 Immortal, 1 Spectrum
Current Item value, 6k-1.5M
Current Crate value, 600k

Valentine Crate - 2023
Original Cost - 450 Coins
What’s inside? 3 Common, 3 Rare, 3 Legendary, 4 Immortal, 3 Spectrum
Current Item Value, 25k-100k
Current Crate Value, 100k

Mystery #1 Crate - Western/June 2023
Original Cost - 1000 Coins/8000 per 10
What’s inside? 7 Legendary, 2 Spectrum
Current Item Value, 6k-12.5k per Spectrum
Current Crate value, 12.5k

Void Crate - Halloween 2023
Original Cost - 300gems each
What’s inside? 9 Spectrums
Current item value, 125k to 225k per spectrum
Current Crate value, 150k

Polar Crate - Winter 2023
Original Cost - 300gems each
What’s inside? 5 Spectrums
Current item value, 75k
Current Crate value,75k

Winter Crate - Winter 2023
Original Cost - 450 Coins
What’s inside, 4 Uncommon, 3 Rare, 3 Legendary, 4 Immortal, 2 Spectrum
Current item value, 400-75k
Current Crate value, 50k

Cardboard Box - April 1 2024,
Original Cost - 5% Rare Drop
What’s inside? - 3 Spectrum
Current item value, 37.5k - 100k
Current Crate value, 37.5k

Valentine Crate - 2024
Original Cost - 9000coins/150Gems
What’s inside? - 3 Legendary, 4 Spectrum
Current item value, 25k - 125k
Current Crate value, 50k

Chocolate Valentine Crate - 2024
Original Cost - 6000coins-90Gems
What’s inside? 5 Legendary
Current item value, 25k
Current Crate value, 25k


Saving spot - for adds @Mosterfan can you tell me the Santa roni crate coin Amt? I couldn’t find it.

like 450 coins

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Ok thanks - but there were crates in between roni and the next saveable? Crate that could not be kept? Like winter22 the crates had to be opened and couldn’t be saved? Is that right? Info on YT is hard to find but you are after reading your trade BOOK an expert!!

Some of these values haven’t been requested to change yet which is why they remain at their current values. I agree the majority of crates deserve a raise however becuase of their rarity but they can’t change without people requesting a change with proof

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Crates have increased - wowee