Axe reaper

Hello iam here to talk about axe r ppl always overpay much for it and they even give more than fey now for it slthought axe r is not rare at all like fey and iknow ppl not care much about rarity but fey and fae and medslist amd crimson not only rare they are much cooler than axe r and their effects and trails too axe r should not be like that much really for icant even give fey for it and adds and too if we saw in other games we will see axe r in them not much rare like in stk and not have much demand like in stk so it just like trash
Iknow may much ppl will see that and may they not care but ihope much they care and know how much limiteds are rare and cool more than axe r and better too


blawg there’s already more topics about that


@FC_JJ yes but iwas not know and iliked to tell ppl about that and post something useful about stk